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  • Pedro, welcome to AFP, we are pleased to have you here. Please tell us when you started playing and producing electronic music? Tell us about your first project.I started experimenting with audio edition software when I was 16. At first, my intention was only pure distraction and fun. Before, I used to listen to lot of music, not only electronic music but also good rare versions of everything that you can imagine. I have a brother who is a music lover. I was also an amateur guitar player in a band.It's my understanding that you've produced music under different artistic names and musical projects in the past? This was before your personal projects, correct?When I was 22, I started to mix music using the name Pettre and was using it for many years. I published a track on Hivern Discs with John Talabot and Pional. Afterwards, with my project duo called Aster, I have worked for years at Hivern Discs and also at the famous label Mathematic Recordings, based in Chicago. With my recent project Pedro Vian and also with the Aster duo, I've had a presence in important festivals such as Sonar and Primavera Sound.How do you define your style?It is impossible to me to categorize it in a single style, because it is a mixture of many. Basically, I don't know how to define it. The experimentation is predominant; many times I feel myself with a foot on the dance floor while the other foot is in the spiritual and ambient side.[...]
  • We recently caught up with Brooklyn based band Slothrust, who are releasing their long awaited third album, Everyone Else on Dangerbird Records October 28th.1)   Are you native New Yorker's or transplants?Will and I are from Boston and Kyle is from New Jersey.2)   How would you describe your sound?Blues / jazz influenced rock music with a lot of dynamics and time signature changes ;)3)   How has the crowd responded to the new music from Everyone Else?Crowds we have performed to have responded really positively to the new music. We are very excited to tour and share it with more people.4)   Was there a particular story you wanted to tell or message you wanted to send with Everyone Else?There is not one story in particular that I am trying to tell with this record. Thematically, it deals a lot with water and dreams. I like thinking about different states of consciousness and things infinitely larger than the self.5)   What do you enjoy most about touring and performing live?I like seeing new cities and the exchange of energy that happens between performers and difference audiences.6)   Tell me about your creative process. Do you work remotely or do you go off to the woods to write together as a group?It's a combination of a lot of things. Generally songs come to me in pieces and we go about executing them in a variety of ways. In the past there hasn't been a particular formula for us.7)   Where do you find your inspiration[...]
  • As the Black Rock Desert becomes the palate for artists across the world this coming weekend, most are focused on the massive art installations featured at Burning Man. We'd like to take this opportunity to focus on some of the other creatives who have been inspired by the annual gathering.We recently interviewed designer Tina Nichole of Moxie & Mojo, a design house creating exciting, custom eye-wear and other fashionable accessories.Tell us a few things that people should know about you.I am also a Life & Leadership Coach and it is the most rewarding career I could have ever imagined.  I see possibility and potential in everyone and everything and am deeply passionate about working with people on their big “impossible” dreams and turning them into a reality.  I don’t believe in impossible.My creations are part of me and I can’t force them – if I’m not passionate about it,  it won’t vibe so I create based on what’s inspiring me in the moment and if I’m stuck, I leave the piece until it calls me back to finish it.   I put a tremendous amount of energy into every piece I make.  Moxie & Mojo has been wildly successful since we opened our store just over a year ago and we’ve made a name for ourselves because we create quality products that are incredibly unique.What has been your inspiration for your line Moxie & Mojo?Moxie & Mojo was inspired by my own search for embellished goggles to wear at a ceremony on The Playa at the 2014 [...]
  • Brassland recording artists People Get Ready will open for Blonde Redhead on upcoming dates including  Tuesday (November 26th) night at The Bowery Ballroom.The Brooklyn based band released a new album (Physiques) this past June to exciting reviews.The band is known for high energy live performances which showcase a blend of rock and performance art.  NPR's Bob Boilen, placing their performances among his top 5 concerts two years running, put it best: "No single show took my breath away the way this one did- part rock concert, part performance art, part dance, all perfectly melded together. Having seen so many dudes with guitars ... it was incredibly refreshing to find a group challenging and changing the norm."The first thing I thought was- sounds like an Art for Progress event!I caught up with Steven Reker from the band to learn more about these multidisciplinary artists, and here's what he had to say.How did the band come up with the name People Get Ready?I was at a play and one of the actors said ‘...people get ready...' in his dialogue - the phrase stayed with me. Then I named the first piece I did at The Kitchen (before the band was a band) People Get Ready and as the project developed we just kept the name.Are the band members originally from New York or are they transplants?We're transplants - mostly. Jen and I are from Arizona - James comes from California - and Booker is from Nyack, NY.Which artists/bands have been the most[...]
  • Dear Art for Progress Member,We are excited to announce that we are in the process of creating a new, advanced website for our members. Our current website was created in 2005. As you know, through the years there have been huge advancements in technology for websites. We have updated the site periodically with various improvements, but we decided recently to develop a totally new website. The new website will still have the great functionality, but the new site will be an interactive blog with many advanced functions.We are planning to launch our new designed web site including an interactive blog section in a few weeks’ time! This process began quite a while ago. Unfortunately, we experienced many challenges along the way, but we are very close now, and we hope that you will be as excited as we are to experience the new site!We are also updating the artist page section. For visual artists, the process for uploading your work will be the same. For music and video, you will now be able to embed your music via Soundcloud, Mixcloud and other similar sites. In the video section, you will be able to embed links via YouTube or Vimeo.In your personal blog section, you will be able to post your work, daily activities, anything related to your artistic passions, or even something that you feel is worth sharing. As an active AFP member you will also have the ability to easily connect with other AFP members. Some other features include; the three most read blogs, as w[...]
  • When I hear Brett from Boundless, images of high-tops, Adidas and rope "dookie" chains flood into my mind, especially after listening to "Hip Hop Mix 1." This is not the only portal through time DJ Brett you take you through. Brett believes as a DJ he's, "a conductor navigating place to place to alter one's feelings with sound...[and] end up at a place called Boogie." After listening to a few mixes from his podcast, I've been to that land called Boogie, and beyond.Learn more and listen to Brett from Boundless here.-Heather Liggins
  • In honor of New York Fashion Week, it's only right to highlight fashion designer, Michaela Cirlugea. The items that this well-seasoned designer all center around threading art and fashion together, but also "to create items that are as versatile as possible." The array of diversity is seen throughout Cirlugea's collection of the years.To view more of Cirlugea's latest designs, click here.
  • "Fashion is a form of self-expression for every person. There is no choice. Everyone must participate." -Allyson JacobsI remember sitting in seminars during my undergrad years, and having discussion of non-verbal forms of expression. Fashion is the voluntary and involuntary image that defines, and sums up your character in an instant. For fashion designer and AFP's Fashion Director, Allyson Jacobs, she recognizes the power of fashion. What's her style? I define it as clean and bold. There's always a statement within each item, but the clean cuts and lines provides balance. Born and raised in Louisiana, Jacobs was taught the ropes--fit, style and fabric--of fashion at an early age from her mother, Jean. Now residing in New York City, she currently designs luxury lines for private clients. Outside of running her own line, Jacobs  "works to seek out and support other emerging fashion designers who exhibit artistic talent and determination." These emerging designers that Jacobs works with have been showcased in NY Fashion Week and, some have went on to gain amazing editorial exposure in major publications.Learn more about AFP's Fashion Director and designer, here.-Heather Liggins
  • After a cold, snowy weekend, warm your soul up with DJ JP SOLIS. This New York based  10-year full-time DJ, creates curated tracks and mixes of pop music and oldies. Alongside of fusing sounds together, JP SOLIS is also the music director and founder of NOISE212, where "his ability to create a frenzied vibe out of thin air...combines feel-good pop with progressive underground sounds to create a type of sonic soup...." Below is a clip of one of JP SOLIS' sets, confirming his versatile mix of music. Listen to more tracks by JP SOLIS here.-Heather Liggins