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  • Art for Progress wants to say goodbye to 2017 with the best electronic music albums of the year.Below you find our year-end top ten AFP picks that we have selected especially for you. The list includes a video and the label info where the records have been published.2017!  It was a great year for music in the world with many awesome, high quality albums created by the most talented artists from across the world.Enjoy the new year and may your 2018 be full of good music!Happy 2018!1. LCD Soundsystem - American Dream. DFA and Columbia Records. 2.  Björk - Utopia. One Little Indian Records. 3.  Laurel Halo - Dust. Hyperdub. 4. Four Tet - New energy. Text Records. 5.  Bonobo - Migration. Ninja Tune. 6.  James Holden - The animal spirits. Border Community. 7. Powerdance - The Lost Art of getting Down. Powerdance. 8.  Charlotte Gainsbourg - Rest. Because Music. 9. Errorsmith - Superlative Fatigue. Pan. 10.   Arca - Arca. XL Recordings.[...]
  • To celebrate the release of their first release on Fueled by Ramen Records, The Front Bottoms played Brooklyn’s Rough Trade. Entry to the show was granted with purchase of the album, Back On Top, and came with a signing after the show. The formula is one Rough Trade is a) known for and b) built for. The combined record store/concert space has the stage in the back and the floor space within the shop itself to accommodate both events.Before the show fans, most of whom were hugging a recently purchased vinyl of Back On Top, lined up along the wall of the store, chattering excitedly about the record. It was a fairly young crowd, some members bragging about how they had cut class to line up early. The guy handing out 21+ wristbands didn’t have much to do. Despite the age difference, one thing was clear. Everyone was there for the band.Not that only die hards are capable of showing up to an early show on a weekday evening. Everyone is and was welcome. It wasn’t the show that collected passersby or casual listeners. Partially because Rough Trade is tucked somewhat away from the rest of Williamsburg and partially because the nature of the show attracted the more “serious” fans. The majority of the crowd accumulating in Rough Trade really, really liked the band. That’s why they showed to the concert/signing, not just the band’s gig later in the month at Irving Plaza. In fact, many talked about going to both shows. Some even buzzed about seeing the band earlier in the summ[...]