Art for Progress Fundraising Campaign

For over ten years, Art for Progress (AFP) has been providing vital, exciting music & art programs for students in New York City public schools.

Why we need your help:

* Public arts funding in the U.S. is suffering more than ever in the current political climate.

* Many public schools in NYC do not have the funds to hire full time art teachers. AFP provides financial support to schools with budget shortfalls.

* AFP teaching artists provide a safe place within the school environment for kids to learn who they want to be, and the results are astonishing!

* AFP’s programs are customized to achieve the goals of of each partner school, while focusing on the lives and interests of the students .

* Students need to explore their creativity.

Art for Progress is able to provide these programs through private grants; but a grant that has been sustaining AFP’s programs was cut in half this year, and we’re asking for your help to make up the difference.

AFP currently works with seven schools across the city with plans to expand into new schools next semester, but without your help we may not have the funding to accommodate these programs.

Please help us today with a donation and help keep the arts in New York City’s public schools.