Wearable Art: Meet Anita Dongre, One of The Most Googled Designers of 2016

In the world of Google, names like Priyanka Chopra, Beyoncé and Hillary Clinton certainly ruled 2016. But did you also know that a fashion designer from Mumbai, India was also a top ranking search this year too? Of course, it was thanks in part to the Duchess of Cambridge’s infamous ‘Kate Effect.’ (more on that below)

In the meantime, meet Anita Dongre, head of India’s leading fashion houses House of Anita Dongre. Her Rajasthan-inspired designs have been well-known in India since she launched her fashion line in 1995.

Anita Dongre

However, 2016 was the year where Dongre’s name became recognizable worldwide thanks to Kate Middleton decision to wear one of her dresses — the “Gulrukh” dress from the SS16 Love Notes collection — during her visit to India and Bhutan in May 2016.

According to Telegraph UK, the original gown had a full length skirt, complete with matching traditional stole. Kate’s stylist Natasha Archer helped to alter the look by shortening the hemline and adding a belt.

Kate Middleton playing Cricket in India, wearing Dongre’s multicolored design. 


Photo Credit: REX

It is also reported that Kate’s final choice to wear Dongre’s dress to a Cricket event was unexpectedly delightful as the designer “had no idea that her designs made the cut.”

“It was a real surprise,” she tells the news source. “I was at home when I saw the pictures and was so delighted.”

Since the princess wore the number, the dress was instantly sold out. The enormous amount of orders caused the designers site to crash.

And due to popular demand, Dongre began to also sell Kate’s customized version of the “Gulrukh” dress as well on her site.

Original design of the “Gulrukh” dress. 


Photo Credit: COURTESY OF PR

In addition to clients like Kate Middleton, Dongre is especially famous for dressing Bollywood starlets including Disha Patani.

We can’t wait to see what Anita Dongre has in store for 2017!