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  • Haven: Saturday, July 25th at The Mothership, Brooklyn- 7pm - 1am It's summer and it's time to celebrate with great music and art!  AFP is co-hosting this rooftop soiree with our good pals over at NOoSPHERE Arts.Barry Komitor's (AFP's Art Education Manager) band Bad Faces is set to perform with solo music performances from Lesley Kernochan and Charles Davi.  Also, AFP's Executive Director Frank Jackson (aka DJ Gatto) is breaking out some select choices from his vast vinyl collection, and longtime friend DJ/Producer SR SERGE will be spinning a late set for your dancing pleasure.  To add to the flavor, we have AFP artists Daniel Maldonado (Gashouse Films) and Jeanne Wilkinson creating video installations, while Cat Del Buono will present her "Beauty Box" installation. Last but not least, the very talented performance artist Duckie L'Orange will intrigue us with her creativity. Check out the invite below, grab a six pack or a bottle of wine and let's celebrate!!
  • Art for Progress (AFP) is pleased to announce a group exhibition of new works by artists from New York City, Los Angeles, Spain and Israel. The show entitled “Déjà vu” will run from October 30th to November 12th, 2014 at NOoSPHERE Arts in New York City, and the opening reception will take place on October 30th from 6 to 10 PM. The exhibition will include a variety of mediums, from painting to sculpture, which tackle the theme of déjà vu. The term can be described as “a feeling of having already experienced the present situation” or “a tedious familiarity.”It first appeared in a 1928 text entitled a Text for Psychology. Since then, the topic of déjà vu has been addressed from the big screen to Sci-Fi novels. It is a concept and sensation that has captivated audiences for generations and in this exhibit AFP hopes to push the boundaries of this. For this show, the concept of déjà vu has been explored from several vantage points, from ideas of storytelling to an affective feeling. This exhibition is seeking to both comment on this topic and try to rethink the way in which it has been socioculturally situated. Déjà vu has come to occupy a very specific place within popular culture and this exhibition aims to build on that while also carving out new meaning for it. Fourteen artists will be featured in the show: Rocco Alberico, Ted Barr, Bill Claps, Lance Dehne, Tony DiBella, Essam, gilf!, Diane LaRaja, Lichiban, Sona Mirzaei, Carol Nussbaum, Juan Manuel Pajares, Jeanne Wilkinson[...]
  • Thanks to all who attended our opening at Gallery Bar this past Friday. It was an exceptional night, and we were pleased to have many of the participating artists in attendance. The show will run through January 3rd. If you have the opportunity to check it out, please do. We also have some photos below for your viewing pleasure.It's been a very busy year for AFP. In March, we leased the Armory on Lexington Avenue in partnership with Fountain Art Fair to produce one of the largest art exhibitions in NYC during Armory Week. This past summer we hosted AFP's first annual 3 day music & art festival- Brooklyn Beat Festival and then launched a 3 month series of music & performance art at the same venue.In November, we were thrilled to host Michael Alan's "Living Installation" and work with his crew of incredible artists. The show was a great success, and we look forward to working with Michael in the future.To round out the year as we began, "What's Your Religion" opened on Friday night at Gallery Bar. As mentioned above, the exhibition will run through January 3rd.AFP's Art Education Program continues to grow and flourish. We are currently working with 5 schools and hundreds of students providing music, visual art and theater classes. We just received this new promotional video that was created by Jewel Fiore, a college level film student.As of January 1st 2013, AFP will no longer charge a fee for artist memberships. Applications will still need to be approved, [...]
  • Art for Progress presents “What’s Your Religion”Group Art Show.  Opening: Friday, December 14th, 7PM – 10PMThe exhibition runs through January 3rd“What’s Your Religion” delves into the broad perspective of what motivate/inspires people to approach life in a certain way. The artist’s perspective can be personal or just a general perspective on the topic. Is it religion or faith that leads the way? Is it money, power, fame or being of service to others?  What’s Your Religion?Featuring artwork from Ted Barr, Jef Campion, Hunter Clarke, Bill Claps, Pablo Damas, Lance Dehne, Carmen Ghecca, Berette Macaulay, Juan Manuel Pajares, Jeanne Wilkinson and Kristina ZallingerGallery Bar 120 Orchard Street New York, NY 10002 (212) 529-2266
  • After some much-needed rest, we're back at work here at AFP, and we're more than ecstatic about this past weekend's Brooklyn Beat Festival! I'm not sure where to start, but the overall theme and feedback from the weekend was quality.  Personally, and this is something that is always a focus for us is diversity. Diversity is always a big part of what we do. One of the goals of AFP has always been to be inclusive and open to all art and artists.  Art for Progress is not only about providing opportunities and exposure for artists. AFP is also about providing access to the arts and turning people on to new art forms. In other words, expanding and growing the arts in the community. I think we achieved all of this over three days/nights at The Paper Box.Day OneFriday's festivities began with an exceptional performance from El Pueblo.  I had the pleasure of talking to some of the members of the band, and they are also educators and involved in charitable projects.  I hope we have the opportunity to work with them again. Our next performance was from Redheadphone. We really enjoyed their international collaboration of sounds and world styles.  Speaking of which, the youthful and prophetic School ov Thought contributed to the increased energy in the room, as Brett from Boundless reminded us of Chuck Brown, go-go music and his eclectic style.  But, Push Method took the stage with a level of energy that was unmatched and their message came through strong, particularly when they perf[...]