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  • There is nothing like mid-August to get us thinking about a fresh start. Maybe it's the long standing habit of buying school clothes, but refreshing one's wardrobe will soon be the order of the day. The interesting thing is that, now more than ever, there really are no rules in fashion. From solids, stripes and color blocking, silhouettes are crossing the spectrum. Even florals were trending in the resort collections this year. What this means for self-expression is all good news. Recent trends and collections feature both Boho and structured looks, along with strong colors and varied skirt lengths. With a full range of both staples and frivolous accents, our options are endless. The best part of having no rules is that we can focus on self-expression and individuality with pieces we already have in our closets. By adding in a few fresh separates or colorful accessories, an entire wardrobe can be revived. So here's to enjoying these last few weeks of summer, while looking forward to getting dressed again. Not to mention NY Fashion Week in September! Fashion and art are always flirting with each other, finding ways to intertwine craft with creativity and function. When it is successful, it allows people the freedom to be creative while maintaining their integrity. The fall 2014 collections showed us how color, functionality and creativity come together. A few standout collections seen on from Dries Van Noten, Christopher Kane, and Billy Reid menswear.... [...]
  • As AFP has now launched its new website, I am excited to be the fashion blogger. As the Fashion Director of Art for Progress, I have worked with the organization from our first event over ten years ago. The organization has matured from a small group of local artists and designers, into a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization comprised of an international representation of art and fashion. I look forward to bringing my insight and love of fashion to the AFP blog. I welcome your comments as well. Here we are in that time of year where fashion has to stand up to the heat. That usually means style comes in at a distant second to comfort and coolness. With trips to the beach and alfresco dining, everyone wants to be free of complicated ensembles. Now that summer is officially here, lets be cool and comfortable with flair! As artists and art lovers convene here at the AFP site, fashion reflects our sense of creativity and individuality. Here are a few images from some interesting designers who manage to combine ease and versatility. -Allyson Jacobs
  • Day 3 As some families started to arrive early Sunday afternoon, they were greeted with the sounds of John Coltrane and Joao Gilberto, but it wasn't long before Sindy Butz was ready for our first performance of the day. Sindy's piece titled "Moral Decay" was  an interpretation of how society's morals have deteriorated over time.  Sindy's strong use of   symbolism and association resulted in a gripping performance that left our guests with much to ponder. Our first musical performance of the day was from Jon Samson of CoCreative Music. Many of the kids joined Jon on stage as he sang his playful, yet educational songs for everyone to enjoy.  The kids were truly excited by Jon's performance, but as soon as they saw the organic mini-cupcakes from Francesca Cake they darted for the table filled with treats.  A few kids did stop on their way as they saw Allyson Jacobs interactive balloon dress, and they just had to add their own balloon to the growing skirt. Jewelry designer Paula Collins was also working on a very creative piece utilizing chains. Paula often works with metals in her line of beautiful accessories. Back on stage, blues singer/songwriter Inky Glass delivered the perfect Sunday afternoon of blues with a touch of soul. As Inky Glass finished her set, AFP's DJ Gatto dropped a classic house set to keep the energy flowing. The next performance art piece on Sunday featured White House entertainer and master of escape, Thomas Solomon.  Mr. Solomon challenged our guests wi[...]
  • After some much-needed rest, we're back at work here at AFP, and we're more than ecstatic about this past weekend's Brooklyn Beat Festival! I'm not sure where to start, but the overall theme and feedback from the weekend was quality.  Personally, and this is something that is always a focus for us is diversity. Diversity is always a big part of what we do. One of the goals of AFP has always been to be inclusive and open to all art and artists.  Art for Progress is not only about providing opportunities and exposure for artists. AFP is also about providing access to the arts and turning people on to new art forms. In other words, expanding and growing the arts in the community. I think we achieved all of this over three days/nights at The Paper Box. Day One Friday's festivities began with an exceptional performance from El Pueblo.  I had the pleasure of talking to some of the members of the band, and they are also educators and involved in charitable projects.  I hope we have the opportunity to work with them again. Our next performance was from Redheadphone. We really enjoyed their international collaboration of sounds and world styles.  Speaking of which, the youthful and prophetic School ov Thought contributed to the increased energy in the room, as Brett from Boundless reminded us of Chuck Brown, go-go music and his eclectic style.  But, Push Method took the stage with a level of energy that was unmatched and their message came through strong, particularly when they perf[...]
  • In honor of New York Fashion Week, it's only right to highlight fashion designer, Michaela Cirlugea. The items that this well-seasoned designer all center around threading art and fashion together, but also "to create items that are as versatile as possible." The array of diversity is seen throughout Cirlugea's collection of the years. To view more of Cirlugea's latest designs, click here.
  • "Fashion is a form of self-expression for every person. There is no choice. Everyone must participate." -Allyson Jacobs I remember sitting in seminars during my undergrad years, and having discussion of non-verbal forms of expression. Fashion is the voluntary and involuntary image that defines, and sums up your character in an instant. For fashion designer and AFP's Fashion Director, Allyson Jacobs, she recognizes the power of fashion. What's her style? I define it as clean and bold. There's always a statement within each item, but the clean cuts and lines provides balance.  Born and raised in Louisiana, Jacobs was taught the ropes--fit, style and fabric--of fashion at an early age from her mother, Jean. Now residing in New York City, she currently designs luxury lines for private clients. Outside of running her own line, Jacobs  "works to seek out and support other emerging fashion designers who exhibit artistic talent and determination." These emerging designers that Jacobs works with have been showcased in NY Fashion Week and, some have went on to gain amazing editorial exposure in major publications. Learn more about AFP's Fashion Director and designer, here. -Heather Liggins
  • Think warm thoughts. As the peak of the winter season (the treacherous months from January to February)  is about to approach, swimwear designer, Lila Nikole Rivera, reminds us of the warm months ahead. Recently showcasing her collection at the AFP's Closing Party at Miami Art Basel, Rivera offers a wide range of selections both in design and cuts. These handmade garments--worn on the likes of Kim Kardashian to super model Tocarra Jones--caters to individuality and expression. Need more proof? View, buy and learn more about Lila Nikole Rivera here. -Heather Liggins  
  • Possessed of a scrappy, youthful verve lacking in its more prestigious neighbors… Fountain was distinguished by a vintage street/self-taught aesthetic… —ArtForum Mark your calendars! In less than a month, Art For Progress is going to be part of the highly anticipated Art Basel Miami participating in the Fountain Art Fair, "the installation-based exhibition of avant-garde galleries and art collectives," from December 1st-4th. Last year, the Fountain Art Fair celebrated it's 5th year anniversary featuring musicians No Age, G. Love, Ninjasonik, and many more amazing artists alongside. In closing to the art-packed weekend, AFP is hosting a party on December 4th at The Vagabond in Miami. The party will be a mash-up of art and music. With films curated by Daniel Maldonado, a fashion show featuring Lila Nikole's swimwear collection, and funky beats dropped by Gatto, this party is one not to miss! Keep up with AFP, as we will share more details about Miami Art Basel. -Heather Liggins