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  • On Sunday, we have another spectacular line-up of music & art, and the festivities get started just around the time the parade ends.  Sunday's DJs & performers will take us on a bit of a different trip with a little more electro, a hip hop beat, or two and of course that big pop remix, but we're not trying to categorize Mr. Tedd Patterson. That would be impossible.When Tedd steps to the decks a true musical journey will begin. Those who are familiar with his sets understand what to expect- a perfectly selected fusion of many dance music genres, and even a little bit of the unexpected.  Tedd's long running residency at NYC's Cielo is a mainstay in the dance music community and a place where dance music aficionados gather every month to experience Tedd's creative, dynamic sets.  On the other hand, if you like the more popular vibe in today's dance music sound, we have plenty of that as well.We're pleased to have Ms. Chaisley Lussier playing with us for the first time, Chaisley will be joining us from Philadelphia where she's been creating a name for herself with her many talents. Though she hales from the city of brotherly love , NYC has a lot of love for Chaisley too. You can find her playing at some of the cooler spots around town quite regularly.Next to take the stage will be AFP favorite Kevin Graves. When Kevin's not remixing the latest pop chart buster, he's traveling internationally spinning at top spots, creating major buzz and doing what he does bes[...]
  • Art for Progress will feature a special night of live music performances on Friday, June 29th from 4pm - 11pm at Solar One Park (East 23rd Street & East River) as part of the "Artists4Equality" Festival.  We are so pleased to present such an exciting line-up of gifted bands, musicians, singers and song writers at Solar One Park on Friday night.  Some are still a bit underground, while others have produced multiple albums and play regularly at the best live music venues in NYC, but all will be equally impressive.  There's no doubt that Solar One Park will be the place to hear live music on Friday night.Opening up the festival (5pm) will be AFP's long time member, teacher and board member Barry Komitor.  Barry's an accomplished performer who will have a full back up band in tow to perform his soon to be completed album and some other favorites.  It will be the perfect beginning to a spectacular night.Next to take the stage at 6pm will be the multi-talented Lachi and her band. Lachi, who's music is most described as jazz-influenced, piano driven alternative rock, performs regularly at SXSW and CMJ in NYC. Lachi is known for her high energy, mesmerizing performances and exceptional song writing.The newly formed electro pop duo Bonesugar will take the stage at 7pm and from what we're hearing their sound is influenced by Kanye West and Timbaland.  Expect hip hop beats, live drums with indie vocals.The next performer to take the stage, Idgy Dean, is the solo act of Brook[...]
  • We are gearing up for an incredible festival next weekend, and look forward to experiencing art and music in all their glory. With some of NYC's most innovative artists on board for installations, look no further than the East River.For AFP's "Artists4Equality," Michael Alan will be drawing his life long love who will be donned in a hand made painted dress and custom designed  accessories created by Alan.  In a 5 hour act of love, devotion and romance, witness Alan, the line maestro, will create many drawings live while celebrating their love in a piece titled, "Love is the Only.""Even the reclining male figure of Prostitution looks restless- the angular, attenuated limbs and their busy surfaces bring to mind one of Egon Schiele's more anxious self portraits." - Robert Shuster, The Villiage Voice, Best in ShowKim Holleman is best known for her seminal work, “Trailer Park: A Mobile Public Park,” which has been featured in the NY Times and shown at several different sites in the city. In Holleman's words, her installation at Solar One Park is an enormous Festival Flag which will fly in Stuyvesant Park. The fabric flag is huge, brightly colored and has metallic elements, so it acts as a terrific visual marker and color-pops against the sky. I designed to have some dimensionality too, so when it catches the wind, it fills out creating some interesting 3D shapes as it flows.I had the idea that the patchwork in the flag was the perfect symbol for the gatherin[...]
  • We’re thrilled to be featuring three days of interactive, thought-provoking performance art at Solar One Park for our upcoming “Artists4Equality” Festival. Artists Caridad Sola, Sindy Butz, and Cocoon NYC will perform original pieces on all three days. We are so pleased to have these talented artists on board, and their performances are not to be missed! Caridad Sola is known for pushing boundaries and creating emotional, thought-provoking art. If you have been fortunate enough to see one of her performances, you know that it is always fresh and exciting. Broaching topics from romantic relationships to politics, Caridad is sure to bring us performance art filled with energy and emotion. We were fortunate to work with artist Sindy Butz during our “Mixed Greens” series last year. Through an artistic form of experimental dance called “Butoh,” Sindy creates edgy, ethereal performances. As an artist, Sindy Butz is not afraid to touch on human experiences that are common to us all, and cross racial and sexual boundaries. This time she will have us thinking of marriage and getting married. Cocoon NYC, curated and led by artist Sherry Aliberti, is a project that revolves around multiple persons and experimental dance in a very special “cocoon.” Interactive and symbolic of life, their performances breathe energy and newness to the air.