Berette Macaulay SeBiArt


Artist Statement

Berette is inspired by expressive artists who draw from life as well as imaginative spaces, and she seeks always to do the same by integrating personal experiences with performance or visual art mediums when working on a project. She is interested in exposing or creating the emotional life of isolation and deep intrapersonal processes in her photographic work.

Berette also creates multidisciplinary works, producing photo-paintings by creating abstract imagery as a base for other materials like sand, plastic, gesso, and acrylic gels to create texture and dimension in final pieces.

Creative video projects are a secondary interest of this artist, using her performance background and life long interest in psychology to develop loosely scripted abstract film narratives/studies.

It is her desire to produce aesthetic works that are deliberately visceral or cathartic in effect, daring the viewer to experience oft repressed aspects of themselves.


-the space between who you dream yourself to be and who you actually are.

In the search of constant creative authenticity. Rules for the journey:

“Keep Dreaming.
And believe in your dreams.
Focus your vision and carefully plot the path toward it.
Seek permission from no one; work only for your own approval (which keeps you busy enough!).
Make the sacrifices you have to, with minimal complaints; endure the inevitable suffering along the way.
Stand your ground in the absence of support; utilize the seemingly inconsequential breaks in the race.
Make time to rest – it is there that your dreams are renewed.
Regard your helpers as angels, offering support where you can, and the utmost respect and compassion for the fact that they are on the same journey for themselves.
In all this, the reward will be a life worth sharing, worth defending: at the most, a life fulfilled; at the least, perhaps a life of fleeting accolades and secular rewards. Either way – a legacy for others to emulate.”