The Modern Age Of Music Promotion

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The Modern Age Of Music Promotion

Music streaming was once seen as the enemy in the music business. When streaming music first became popular, the music industry saw profits sliced in half, going from $14.6 billion to $7 million between 1999 and 2013However, musicians are getting savvier about the power of the internet, and have started working with the online movement rather than against it. Here are three ways you can step into the modern age of music promotion.

1. Create A Buzz

Lisa Occhinom ,the Managing Editor for Sonicbids, says that modern musicians need to be proactive about online marketing. Her advice is that you should “work to develop your fan base and buzz.” How does one go about creating a buzz? One way is to share what makes you different. Your unique qualities will make you stand out from the crowd.

2. Make Music Accessible On Multiple Streaming Platforms

While music streaming initially took away from music sales, musicians can now sell music through streaming platforms. When Apple iTunes came onto the scene in 2004, streaming became a legal way to generate income. When you sell your music through iTunes or another streaming platform, you can reach new fans who are actively searching for music to buy.

In this way, you can grow your fan base in addition to earning income. Make sure that you include a description of your music, as well as keywords so that interested fans can find you. Share links to your songs through social media.

Here are some streaming platforms that you might want to investigate:


●Google Play




3. Connect With Fans

Social media gives modern musicians a way to talk directly to fans online. Musicians like Michael Franzino find this incredibly powerful. Instead of having to portray a particular image, decided upon by a record label, musicians can be authentic and transparent. As Franzino puts it, “(the internet)  took the power of making a band accessible and put it into the fan’s and band’s hands, cutting out a great deal of the need for corporate middlemen.”

Twenty years ago, the music industry was reeling due to the death of the album and the rise of the internet. Now, the internet can be seen as a powerful resource that puts control into musician’s hands. Use online promotions strategies to create a buzz around your music, make your music accessible, and form relationships with fans.

-Cassie Steele