Live Music Review: Slothrust @ Mercury Lounge

Slothrust at Mercury Lounge

In some recent discussions with musicians, bands, DJ’s and musical creatives, I made the point that for me, a flat performance is pretty much a worthless one. If you can’t take people on a musical journey than it’s just plain boring. It’s the bands and DJ’s that can cross genres that get my attention.  Case and point, Tell All Your Friends PR  turned us on to the new album from rock trio, Slothrust.  After listening to the album, I decided to do a review for the blog.  I have to admit, sometimes I don’t get past the first track, but “Surf Goth” got my attention.  The idea that they would start the album with an instrumental track was enough  for me, and when the show began on Saturday evening at Mercury Lounge it was the first track they played.

Let me start by saying, their sound is on-point and very powerful. Particularly for a trio. They have great chemistry on stage, and their fans (including me) are really into them.  Musically, the band members are equally impressive as they effortlessly worked through songs that range from blues to grunge with elements of jazz.

While Kyle Bann (bassist) had a continuous grin on his face, Leah Wellbaum maintained a certain attitude as drummer Will Gorin fiercely hit the skins as if it was possibly his last opportunity to play this year. Highlights from the new album- “Like a Child Hiding Behind Your Tombstone,” “Mud,” “Sleep Eater,” and “Trial & Error,” which Wellbaum explained she wrote in high school.  From the older material- “7:30am” and “Magnets, Pt. 2.”

It’s easy to understand why the band appeals to so many people.  Musically, they are highly talented, and smart, catchy lyrics such as “Don’t shake hands with the lonely kids because I hear that shit’s contagious” really grab you.  If you have the chance to see them live, don’t miss out.

Upcoming Dates: 3/6, Johnny Brenda’s: Philadelphia, PA –  3/7, Black Cat: Washington DC – 3/9, Marble Bar: Detroit, MI – 3/10, Schubas Tavern: Chicago, IL – 3/11, Duck Room: St Louis, MO- 3/12, Tank Room: Kansas City, MO – 3/15, Larimer Lounge: Denver CO – 3/18, High Water Mark Lounge: Portland, OR – 3/20, Sunset Tavern: Seattle, WA – 3/22, Bottom of the Hill: San Fran, CA