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  • It was a cold Saturday afternoon, but I was motivated to trek over to Chelsea to check out the Kitchen Girls & Toy Boys show at Rush Arts Gallery.  Artists Sindy Butz and Sol Kjok are participating artists in the show and have both worked with AFP on various projects.It didn't take long for me to identify Sol's very large piece, "Strings Attached" as I walked into the gallery.  Her figurative work bursts off the canvas with great detail and her use of color brings out the emotion in her characters.  In this piece the characters are strung together and appear to be grasping and climbing over each other while still maintaining a certain co-dependence.I was impressed with the overall quality and diversity of the work in the show.  The work of Reinhold Gottwald caught my attention. His colorful, small, abstract pieces on wood are hung/arranged as if they are a group of  planets sharing the same solar system. I found Markus Fiedler's beeswax sneakers quite intriguing and an interesting piece(s) to be included in the show. I was impressed with the incredible detail he was able to achieve using beeswax.I noticed Sindy crouched down on the floor, but I didn't realize that her performance had already begun. What is she up to this time? Sindy's not afraid to take on the not so obvious social issues of the day. Her thought provoking work continues to evolve and this performance would not disappoint.  The message on the floor read, "The West Tastes like Gold." As Sind[...]
  • We’re thrilled to be featuring three days of interactive, thought-provoking performance art at Solar One Park for our upcoming “Artists4Equality” Festival. Artists Caridad Sola, Sindy Butz, and Cocoon NYC will perform original pieces on all three days. We are so pleased to have these talented artists on board, and their performances are not to be missed! Caridad Sola is known for pushing boundaries and creating emotional, thought-provoking art. If you have been fortunate enough to see one of her performances, you know that it is always fresh and exciting. Broaching topics from romantic relationships to politics, Caridad is sure to bring us performance art filled with energy and emotion. We were fortunate to work with artist Sindy Butz during our “Mixed Greens” series last year. Through an artistic form of experimental dance called “Butoh,” Sindy creates edgy, ethereal performances. As an artist, Sindy Butz is not afraid to touch on human experiences that are common to us all, and cross racial and sexual boundaries. This time she will have us thinking of marriage and getting married. Cocoon NYC, curated and led by artist Sherry Aliberti, is a project that revolves around multiple persons and experimental dance in a very special “cocoon.” Interactive and symbolic of life, their performances breathe energy and newness to the air.
  • Art for Progress is pleased to present its 2nd annual music and arts festival, Artists4Equality which will take place on Friday, June 28th through Sunday 30th at Solar One Park on NYC’s East River (East 23rd Street). Artists4Equality will feature three incredible days of music, performance and installation art from exciting emerging artists and more established headline acts.Solar One Park is the perfect outdoor summer venue for the festival which will kick off on Friday evening June 28th.  The opening night will feature live music performances from some of the most exciting emerging talent in NYC including the super talented Ellis Ashbrook, while Saturday’s focus will shift to DJ and electronic music culture with DJ Hector Romero headlining the evening. On Sunday, NYC Cielo resident DJ Tedd Patterson will headline the night as both live music and DJ’s share the stage.Cutting edge performance and installation art will be featured all three days as we turn the park into a virtual adult playground of art & music.Confirmed Artists: Hector Romero, Tedd Patterson, Ellis Ashbrook, Kim Holleman, Idgy Dean, Andy Slate, Gatto, Roxy Cottontail, Kevin Graves, Daniel Maldonado, Cat Del Buono, Berette Macaulay, Dennis Sebayan, Comandante Zero, Sindy Butz, Bonesugar, Atilla the Hun, Sal Leone, Sherri Aliberti, Barry Komito, Chaisley Lussier, Caridad Sola and many more TBA..Artists4Equality will take place on gay pride weekend in NYC and will feature many artists from the LGBT[...]
  • Excitement is building for AFP's tasty menagerie of music & art at the super cool Paper Box this Saturday night.  Otherwise known as Mixed Greens, it happens every third Saturday of the month.In our last post we shared some late information about the participating artists.Here's the schedule..9:00pm - El Pueblo10:00pm - Muj11:00pm - The Coffin Daggersin the garden: Sindy Butz performance piece12:00am - DJ set - Elliot DehoyosCaridad Sola performance pieceThroughout the evening, in the garden, we'll feature a video installation created by filmmaker Scott Nyerges. Between live music sets, Gatto will be spinning a fun, eclectic mix of  tunes to keep you hopping around.Come out and support AFP's mission, the artists and this great new venue!Doors: 8pm - Music: 9pm - Cover: $8 
  • Mixed Greens returns this month with a new date, but you can expect the same fresh, diverse music, brilliant performance art and thought-provoking video installations you've come to expect at AFP events.  Plus,  The Paper Box is in the coolest neighborhood in Brooklyn and the tacos can't be beat!What more can you ask for on a Saturday night?Our original opening band for the evening, The Disappointment have another commitment, but El Pueblo has been added to the ticket.  They're a fantastic reggae, dub band (latin and jazz influences) who are known for their powerful performances.  We are sure El Pueblo will get the night started properly.Not walking the line between na trapeze, epic-symphonica, and electropunk, the music duo Muj is a mish-mash of musical styles.  In their performances, they are known for playful improvisations and unexpected intense instrumentations. Muj segues seamlessly from ferocious, soaring guitar jams to moving melodic departures. They are now working on a feature-length documentary including an original soundtrack.When The Coffin Daggers take the stage, get ready for an all out assault on your senses. A staple on the New York live music scene,  The Coffin Daggers forge a new sound that will both overwhelm and delight the senses. The NY based surf-punk, instrumental rock band has released a full length album  and two singles to critical acclaim.The super-talented, creative, architect, performance artist Caridad Sola has rightfully become the r[...]
  • Saturdays late press and artist information..Morning Fuzz: In 2011, the Brooklyn based band released their second EP titled, "Shadows in the Rearview" to rave reviews.  They recently performed at Spike Hill and have some dates coming up next month in the midwest.Thunda Vida: With four original albums released since the band formed in 2006, Thunda Vida has been bringing roots reggae to the masses across NYC for over 5 years.Mariami: She's been featured by Indie Music Universe and recognized by Skope Magazine as an "Artist to Watch."  The Georgian born soul, R&B, jazz artist Mariami, immigrated to NYC with her family when she was 7 years old.Caridad Sola: The Cuban-American multi-media visual artist has performed at several AFP events over the past year including Fountain Art Fair, Miami and New York as well as the "Brooklyn Beat Festival" in June.  Although you never quite know what to expect, Caridad always leaves you wanting more.Sindy Butz:  Sindy is a Berlin based visual and performance artist currently residing in New York City. Sindy likes to create discourse between fashion, science and technology in her conceptual work. Cat Del Buono: The daughter of Italian immigrants, Cat is a video installation artist  whose work focuses on how society defines beauty. She incorporates performance, interactive video, and humor as a way to engage her viewers. Andy Slate: Andy is a highly praised DJ/Producer currently residing in Miami Beach, Florida. His recent product[...]
  • Day 3As some families started to arrive early Sunday afternoon, they were greeted with the sounds of John Coltrane and Joao Gilberto, but it wasn't long before Sindy Butz was ready for our first performance of the day. Sindy's piece titled "Moral Decay" was  an interpretation of how society's morals have deteriorated over time.  Sindy's strong use of   symbolism and association resulted in a gripping performance that left our guests with much to ponder. Our first musical performance of the day was from Jon Samson of CoCreative Music. Many of the kids joined Jon on stage as he sang his playful, yet educational songs for everyone to enjoy.  The kids were truly excited by Jon's performance, but as soon as they saw the organic mini-cupcakes from Francesca Cake they darted for the table filled with treats.  A few kids did stop on their way as they saw Allyson Jacobs interactive balloon dress, and they just had to add their own balloon to the growing skirt. Jewelry designer Paula Collins was also working on a very creative piece utilizing chains. Paula often works with metals in her line of beautiful accessories.Back on stage, blues singer/songwriter Inky Glass delivered the perfect Sunday afternoon of blues with a touch of soul. As Inky Glass finished her set, AFP's DJ Gatto dropped a classic house set to keep the energy flowing. The next performance art piece on Sunday featured White House entertainer and master of escape, Thomas Solomon.  Mr. Solomon challenged our guests wi[...]