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  • "NYC based arts organization Art for Progress (AFP) teams up with local Miami artists to celebrate the link between Cuban and South Florida culture for Art Basel 2016."NYC based arts organization Art for Progress (AFP) teams up with local Miami artists to celebrate the link between Cuban and South Florida culture for Art Basel 2016.  The events will take place in South Beach with an art exhibit opening on Friday evening and a rooftop- fashion, music and performance art event titled, Cosa Rica is set for Saturday night.The art exhibition, “P.U.E.N.T.E.” which opens Friday evening (6:00pm – 9:00pm) December 2nd, will feature eleven artists (Nestor Arenas, Willie Avedano, Orestes De La Paz, Michael Gray, Catalina Jaramillo, Brandy Lynn, Guido Mena, Cristina Victor, Sterling Rock, Belaxis Buil)working in various mediums (paintings, sculpture, installation, textile and drawings).After many decades of frosty relations between the U.S. and Cuba, the recent positive developments have brought a feeling of excitement and hope to the Cuban people of both South Florida and Cuba. The exhibition observes the relationship of the artist to their environment- changing landscapes and ability to adapt-retreat, refuge  and escape. The show which will run through Sunday, December 5th and is curated by Belaxis Buil whose work has been exhibited in “Intersectionality” and “Taz” at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Miami, Art Shanghai, China, Tacheles Museum, Germany and Art Basel Miam[...]
  • After an inspiring night of live music, DJs will takeover the spotlight Saturday and they will set the tone for a night of dancing under the stars in the greatest city in the world. While many of the performers are veterans of the underground NYC scene, we do have a long time NYC favorite who's at the top of his game right now, and that DJ is Hector Romero.Hector, once known as "Baby Hec" in his early years in the biz, is a taste-maker, a so-called DJs DJ, who always delivers for the masses. Currently, you can find him tantalizing crowds from Italy to Tokyo with his eclectic sets that cross dance music genres.  We're fortunate to have him for this special night in support of equality and art education in NYC. But, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we'd like to introduce our other talent on hand for the evening.Brooklyn's Sal Leone is stepping back into the scene after a short hiatus and we're sure Sal will bring his best Saturday. Sal formerly part of the Deepa crew, who have thrown raucous deep house parties around these United States for many years, knows how to rock a party and he's not just spinning deep house anymore!Next up is Atilla Da Hun who's the ever-present Saturday resident at his East Village mainstay Key Bar.  Atilla has a keen sense of knowing what his guests want to hear and on any given Saturday you can catch him playing extended sets of great house music to a dedicated crowd that knows who they came to see.AFP's own, DJ Gatto brings [...]
  • Ellis Ashbrook, Idgy Dean, Liquid Sound Lounge, Caridad Sola to Perform It's been a true pleasure bringing together so many great artists over the past few months for our Mixed Greens events at The Paper Box.  There really is an immense amount of talent in our city, and we're here to share it with you.With that said, to kick off the fall season, we're bringing you the biggest and best Mixed Greens party yet.  Ellis Ashbrook, Idgy Dean, and Heavy Birds are set to perform on the main stage while the garden will be in full dance party mode with LSL's Jeannie Hopper, TONY's Bruce Tantum, Sal Leone and AFP resident DJ Gatto.  And what will Caridad Sola come up with to engage, entice, or shock us with her latest performance piece? If that's not enough for you, Daniel Maldonado of Gashouse Films will be taking the night off from his feature film production to surprise us with some live video creations.Brooklyn based progressive, exploratory rock band Ellis Ashbrook will headline our live music performances on Saturday night.  We've had this date marked on our calendar for a while now as Ellis Ashbrook is known for amazing live performances. The bands latest album, Meridia, garnered an 8 out of 10 rating by Music Connection Magazine Check out some of their videos and music.  The super-talented Idgy Dean, the solo project of Brooklynite Lindsay Sandwald, will also take the stage on Saturday. Lindsay who was invited to perform her haunted rhythm-driven pop songs at The Deli's B.E.A[...]