About Us

Art for Progress is committed to celebrating the arts, cultivating emerging artists, and developing a diverse, creative community with an on-line presence. We believe that the arts are a vital part of our culture, one that unifies, inspires, and also encourages us to achieve new ground in thought, perception, and practice.

An important part of our work, therefore, is to make the world of the arts as accessible as possible to artists, art-goers, and the general public. We achieve this goal by organizing captivating events that involve multiple artistic mediums, including performance, music, fashion, and the visual arts in both traditional venues, such as galleries and museums, as well as non-traditional spaces, such as popular nightclubs and lounges.

In December 2006, Art For Progress launched its art education program which focuses on providing educational workshops to children in the most under-served communities of New York City. AFP offers programs designed with varied activities, objectives and outcomes. The programs all share a common goal in supporting the arts in learning, while their diverse structure is created to suit the needs of any organization, school or community.