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Ants of the universe

from the human formation series

from the human formation series

There is an endless everlasting enigma about human life. All religions try their own key to decipher the human existence meaning, I ll try to summarize what is common between all main religions:

The fact that there is order and rules in our world says there was a thought and purpose in its creation so there is a creator with many names but one meaning we need to be thankful

Life on this planet is short but don t worry there is another chance to experience carnal manifestation

The reason for our being here is to elevate our spirit or clean bad Karma or purify our energetic being into higher level of existence than we can leave the carnal body for good

Purifying on this planet Earth is by doing good deeds. Pray and obey if you do so you will be elevated in the after life, like the 70 virgins promised to the devoted Muslim or the Garden of Eden in Judaism.

Viewing the essence of those religions brings in mind the question; have you any proof for that? How do you know that there is an after life and that it anything to do with our current life? And if there is is there really someone up there that keeps all records tight, it s frightening to think that God or whatever the name in whatever religion can make a mistake and punish the most devoted monk with hell and a series rapist with heaven.

May be our existence has nothing to do with our individual being, our own petty thoughts about how great and powerful and immortal we are because the truth is that we are but momentary visitors to this planet Earth, that we are so small in matter, space and time that we ll be totally unnoticed the moment we disappear, may be there would remain  some memories for close relatives but think 1000 years ahead which is very short time in universal scale.

The only thing that is far beyond our limited spirit is our brains and as all the cosmos is based and functions on collaborations so human beings should be

Planets, stars and galaxies form a majestic balance that won t be possible if a star would decide to live alone.

This thought brings in mind that there are 100 billion brain cells, 100 billion stars in a galaxy and 100 billion galaxies in the universe, those are not accurate numbers because it is impossible to count all galaxies but the proportions and measures speaks about possible correlation between those numbers.

May be we are the ants of the universe, like ants that has no personal self existence without being part of an ant colony like bees that function only when in the hive so human being existence has to to with collaboration  between all human minds that are like the reconnaissance patrol for doing the what needs to be done according a cosmic everlasting order rather than expecting reward in potential afterlife.

Have magic in your life

Ted Barr, Berlin July 2014


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