Philosophical Fish

Philosophical Fish

I’ve spent a great deal of my life trying to figure out the “Purpose” of myself, life and the vast world around me.  I mean to say, there are questions we ask ourselves and that we ask those we feel are greater than us intellectually; yet no matter the verbal, tactile, visual or physical responses we receive from others or even within our own minds, nothing seems to truly resonate, nothing seems to hold.

More to the point, questions about subjects as vast as God, the soul, the University, the dawn of intelligence and as infinitesimal as the reason why we cry or have certain particular likes and fears we choose…the answers are something we cannot even begin to find within the limiting realm of conscious thought. Science on paper and even words from the mouth of a Guru cannot resonate with your particular understanding of yourself and the world.

I often wonder, how is it that an animal without a complex brain, like a fish, knows exactly where to swim, what to eat and who to avoid…or a being as small as a white blood cell knows it’s full purpose, yet we, infinitely more complex beings, have no concrete clue.

At the early age of eight, after I’d been playing with a toy keyboard already for several years, I came to the aforementioned realization; the realization that medium in which true meaning must be communicated to me and in which I must communicate is not simply with words, not simply with the expression of emotion…but with music.


My elementary school required us to play an instrument, so my mother took me to the local instrument store in Ithaca, NY and as she spoke with the store manager about renting me a Horn, I played on an upright piano in the back, and experienced my first ever bout of euphoric bliss when holding down a middle C, E and G.  The vibrations spawn from striking down on a piano key forms a specific acoustic function of tone and overtone combinations to create a complex waveform.  When that key is hit along with a second key that is harmonious to it, an dually complex waveform is created.  So upon hitting three harmonious notes on an real piano for the first time in my life and allow the nodes connected to my ear-muscles to experience that kind of harmonious configuration for the first time….that was when I knew music was a blaring part of the answer to my not yet formed budding questions of life, the universe and everything.

Today, having grown up legally blind, off-beat and quirky, a bit socially awkward, yet still able to put forth a commanding presence, I have used, and continue to use music to answers questions, help shape who I am, and has helped enrich the world around me.  For one blaring reality that holds true, is that, at the least, we are currently on this earth to prolong life and make existence for ourselves and those around us survivable, tolerable…better….by way of our innate gifts and talents.  And being that music is an innate gift I’ve been given to work with to fulfill that mentioned purpose, I intend and continue to attempt to enrich those around me with my music – by putting musical verbiage to those experiences and emotions we cannot fully conceptualize with our limited words and gestures.

I intend to continue on my musical journey not only to reach many with my music and message of self-strength, but to use music to personally embark upon a voyage for answers to the real questions of life…those questions that cannot be answered or perceived only with the limits of our five senses…but with universal communications….i.e. music.

If you’d like to hear the latest milestones of the journey thus far, click here to listen to some of my latest releases. And thank you for being a listener and making it all matter!

Onward we go.  Let’s do this!

Music. Peace. Love,


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