Cameron Schmitz



"Drenched", oil on canvas, 30x30

“Drenched”, oil on canvas, 30×30

“Flicker II, oil on canvas, 30×30

“Orchestra”, oil on canvas, 30×30

“White”, oil on canvas, 36×36

CSchmitz_Melodies II_Oil on canvas, 30x30_2200

“Melodies II”, oil o ncanvas, 30×30

“Summer Passage”, oil on panel, 10×10

“Scents of the Fresh Forest”, oil on linen, 10×10


Untitled, oil on canvas, 30×30

“September Reflections”, oil on linen, 24×30

Schmitz_A Buzzing Retreat_oilonlinen_30x36

“A Buzzing Retreat”, oil on inen, 30×36

C.Schmitz_Warm Cohort_Oil_30x30_2200

“Warm Cohort”, oil on canvas, 30×30

CSchmitz_South Road_oil on canvas_30x30

“South Road”, oil on canvs, 30×30

C. Schmitz_FugaciousFeelings_oiloncanvas_30x30

“Fugacious Feelings”, oil on canvas, 30×30


“Wild Abandon”, oil on canvas, 20×20

C.Schmitz_if i could imagine_20x20_950

” If I Could Imagine”, oil on canvas, 20×20

“Drawing Connections”, oil on canvas, 30×30

Schmitz_Like a Dream_oil on canvas_30x30

“Like a Dream”, oil on canvas, 30×30

CSchmitz_Here Again_oil on canvas_30x30_2200

“Here Again”, oil on canvas, 30×30

C.Schmitz_SoftChatters of the Cedar Connector_oil_30x30_2200

“Soft Chatters of the Cedar Connector”, oil on canvas, 30×30


“Simple Structures”, oil on panel, 10×10

C.Schmitz_October Turning_10x10_450

“October Turning”, oil on canvas, 10×10