Cameron Schmitz


Artist Statement

The landscape has become a significant source of inspiration for my work. Whether walking through a forest path, driving down an open road, or standing before a gaping, wide, open field, I’m drawn to the light, energy, and spirit of locations that embody a sense of place. Interpreting the landscape with a painterly perspective translates into color-specific expressions that illustrate my interest in mark-making, visual perception, and the contradictions of movement and stasis. As a part of my process, I allow each painting to dictate my use of mark making techniques, while exploring emotive qualities that become present during the painting process. Dashes of paint, graphic lines and gestural strokes are evidence revealing an active search and visual dialogue being shaped. It is here that I explore the distilled orchestration of movement and rhythm found within nature and the meditative qualities that each subject provides. Through this exploration, my aim is to provide my viewers with a distinct feeling and sense of meaning, while creating a bridge that connects my own wonder, with my viewer’s own personal experiences.