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  • It's funny when you mention bands from the past (around for over 15 years) to people, and how they typically react.  You'll hear things like, are they still around. I haven't heard that name in 20 years.  And then when you tell them that you're actually going to see the band, they give you a weird look like, why would you do that.So, let me explain quite simply.  Just like in any profession, with experience comes expertise and the mastering of ones craft.  G Love & Special Sauce have been playing together for nearly 25 years and their experience shines through in their live performances.With their own style of funky, blues hip hop, the band always delivers a good time, and on this night it was no different.  The trio delivered a non stop soundtrack of hits that kept bodies moving throughout the night-  I-76, Milk and Cereal, Baby's Got Sauce, Blues Music and Who's Got the Weed.Let's be clear, G Love's no slouch on guitar, Jimi Jazz tears up the string bass and houseman always delivers the goods.  The band is tight, tight, tight.For the $30 ticket price, you really can't ask for more.Here's some upcoming dates:February 2nd - House of Blues, BostonFebruary 3rd - The Fillmore, PhiladelphiaFebruary 8th - Culture Room, Fort LauderdaleMore dates...
  • The Modern Age Of Music PromotionMusic streaming was once seen as the enemy in the music business. When streaming music first became popular, the music industry saw profits sliced in half, going from $14.6 billion to $7 million between 1999 and 2013. However, musicians are getting savvier about the power of the internet, and have started working with the online movement rather than against it. Here are three ways you can step into the modern age of music promotion.1. Create A BuzzLisa Occhinom ,the Managing Editor for Sonicbids, says that modern musicians need to be proactive about online marketing. Her advice is that you should “work to develop your fan base and buzz.” How does one go about creating a buzz? One way is to share what makes you different. Your unique qualities will make you stand out from the crowd.2. Make Music Accessible On Multiple Streaming PlatformsWhile music streaming initially took away from music sales, musicians can now sell music through streaming platforms. When Apple iTunes came onto the scene in 2004, streaming became a legal way to generate income. When you sell your music through iTunes or another streaming platform, you can reach new fans who are actively searching for music to buy.In this way, you can grow your fan base in addition to earning income. Make sure that you include a description of your music, as well as keywords so that interested fans can find you. Share links to your songs through social media.Her[...]
  • Savina Tarsitano is a visual artist born in Calabria, Italy. She enjoys traveling around the world, but her main interest is experiencing new cultures and countries while sharing her ideas and art across the world. Thanks to her artistic research, she obtained several fellowships and artist residencies. Her work has been selected for the Biennal of Venice, and exhibited in many countries.  Savina's work has also been published in several books and catalogues. She is a member of the European Cultural Parliament and Ambassador for the Rebirth project of Michelangelo Pistoletto and Cittadellarte.Savina, nice to meet you and welcome to Art for Progress. Please, tell us about your art.My art is focused on the idea of the landing, after different sojourns in theme- places like islands, abbeys, castles, military fortresses and so on. My works are made with different languages that represent embodied visions from the relationship with space, which in my representation is not only a real, but also an imaginary territory. During the period I, I developed three main projects: The Icons of the Chaos, Emotional Architecture and Creativity in Motion for Social Integration through Art and The Island You Want.  Through The Island You Want, I was investigating the character and the specific difference of island spaces and landscapes through which I developed an artistic theme.  This hermetic operation touches upon both nature, history and culture.My stays on the island of [...]
  • Maysaloun Hamoud’s debut feature In Between is not only entertaining and engrossing, but a cinematic rarity. The film is partially set in Tel Aviv’s Palestinian underground club scene, a hip mini-society that isn’t generally represented on film (or anywhere). Hamoud’s three main characters are young Arab-Israeli women, seemingly very different from one another on the surface, but each facing major challenges in a rigidly patriarchal society and, to a lesser degree—at least in this movie—as an unwelcome minority. The multi-layered narrative is buoyed by the charismatic performances of its stars: Mouna Hawa as droll lawyer/party girl Leila, Sana Jammelieh as soulful DJ Salma, and Shaden Kanboura as strictly observant Muslim college student Nour. Though Hamoud’s direction has a casual, verité-like vibe, the unfolding plights of each woman, especially Nour, add growing tension to the film. There are also flashes of levity in the drily humorous dialogue, especially on the part of the free-wheeling Leila.Leila and Salma, roommates in the bustling Yemenite Quarter of the city, are denizens of a hard-partying club scene featuring pounding Palestinian hip hop and a variety of drugs. A successful lawyer by day, Leila lets loose at night with a cadre of male friends, while aspiring DJ Salma humors her strict Christian parents by attending arranged dinners they’ve planned in hopes of marrying her off. A lesbian, she clearly has no intention of acquiescing to their wishes. One[...]
  • Art for Progress wants to say goodbye to 2017 with the best electronic music albums of the year.Below you find our year-end top ten AFP picks that we have selected especially for you. The list includes a video and the label info where the records have been published.2017!  It was a great year for music in the world with many awesome, high quality albums created by the most talented artists from across the world.Enjoy the new year and may your 2018 be full of good music!Happy 2018!1. LCD Soundsystem - American Dream. DFA and Columbia Records. 2.  Björk - Utopia. One Little Indian Records. 3.  Laurel Halo - Dust. Hyperdub. 4. Four Tet - New energy. Text Records. 5.  Bonobo - Migration. Ninja Tune. 6.  James Holden - The animal spirits. Border Community. 7. Powerdance - The Lost Art of getting Down. Powerdance. 8.  Charlotte Gainsbourg - Rest. Because Music. 9. Errorsmith - Superlative Fatigue. Pan. 10.   Arca - Arca. XL Recordings.[...]