Arts Education


Art For Progress’ Arts Education Community provides under-served youth with dynamic artistic programming that promotes reflection and self-expression. By connecting youth with working artists, their communities and each other, we hope to transform the way they see themselves and the world around them.


While public schools in New York City have been working hard to meet federal and state mandates for student test scores, arts education programs have become scarce. At Art for Progress, it is our mission to reverse this trend by delivering quality Arts Education programs to the students of New York City’s public schools. Our programs are designed and implemented by professional educators and teaching artists who have a wealth of experience in arts education in public schools and community-based after school programs. In addition, Art for Progress works closely with teachers and administrators at client schools to design programs for students that deepen their understanding of core subject areas. Through arts education, students make connections between material covered in class and their community; they will explore other cultures and examine human experience from a variety of perspectives and artistic forms.

Art For Progress Music Program

In 2008 the our Arts Initiative became official when teaching artists began residencies in New York City public schools. The first beneficiaries of this innovative program were Landmark High School in Manhattan and Shorefront Y After- School Stars @ PS 225. At Landmark High our artist in residence designed a weekly visual arts elective for students in grades 9 and 10. In addition, AFP developed a multidisciplinary arts and humanities curriculum that worked in conjunction with Landmark’s Global Studies program. The purpose of this curriculum was to provide students with a more comprehensive understanding of the school’s Global Studies subject matter, while reinforcing the relevance to the world in which they live. Through active participation and self reflection, they explored visual art, music, theater, fashion and the social norms within different cultures and religions.

In recent years, AFP’s programs have expanded and we’re working more closely with schools to provide even more flexibility in scheduling and program support for schools with budget shortfalls. Frank Jackson, Director of Art For Progress is excited about the expansion of the programs. “With our experiences over the years, we’ve found that through arts education, students are making the connection between material covered in class and their own communities. They explore other cultures and examine human experience from a variety of different perspectives…it’s truly about more than just art.”


  • Elective Courses in Visual Arts, Music, Theater & Fashion Design
  • After-School Programs
  • Alternative After School Programs
  • Weekend Community Workshops
  • Musical Instrument Loan Program
  • Music Recording & Production Workshops

Art For Progress’ Arts Education Program offers flexible programs including elective courses in multiple genres to include music, visual arts, theater and fashion design. We also offer both traditional and alternative after school programs. AFP programs share a common goal in supporting the arts in learning. Programs are structured and created to suit the needs of any organization, school or community.

All interested parties are encouraged to contact us regarding our unique programs that are designed to fit your specified needs. Throughout the academic year, we will remain dedicated to the development of communities through arts education.



“Connecting with students through the arts is a critical component of our mission at Humanities Preparatory Academy. Due to a major budget cut, the school is not able to provide a music teacher or a full-time art teacher.

Art for Progress joined our team in September of 2012. Their teaching artist, Barry Komitor has connected with some of our most struggling and disengaged students and helped them to discover a passion for music. Several of these students are classified as emotionally disturbed and have benefited tremendously from this opportunity.

Art for Progress has designed a music curriculum that is highly differentiated and engaging to all students, and includes many diverse music genres.

Because of Art for Progress, any visitor to Humanities Prep can see, hear and feel the impact of a strong, vibrant arts culture that permeates our school.”

-Jeannie Ferrari, Principal, Humanities Preparatory Academy

“Art for Progress music courses have been popular with students and are an essential part of our arts offerings. Students are gaining skills, trying new things and learning theory while having fun in class.”

-Brady Payne Smith, Principal The James Baldwin School