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Clash of the Artists 2009 Finalists

After nearly 3 and a half months we finally find ourselves here, with 3 finalists in each genre.

We are grateful to all of the incredibly talented artists who submitted their work for our second annual AFP multidisciplinary arts competition. With so much talent on board it was a mystery as to who we thought would emerge victorious at the very end.

Without reservation we are pleased to present to you Art For Progress' Clash of the Artists 2009 finalists - a diverse and talented selection of artists.

The culmination of this entire process is the Clash of the Artists event set to take place at 320 Studios in New York City on Saturday, March 14th. Event attendees will decide the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers by way of balloted vote. Make your voice heard and help determine the future of the arts! To learn more and to purchase discounted, advance tickets, click here. Check out our amazing prizes here!

Over the last 4 years we have hosted and produced events in a variety of mediums, from DJ showcases, to fashion shows, live music performances, and small, cutting edge film screenings, as well as traditional gallery showings. With this event, we will be bringing all of these elements together in one night.

By clicking the thumbnails or artist names below you will be directed to a short page featuring works from the artist.

Visual Artists