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Competition Submissions

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Prepare Yourself for Clash of the Artists 2010  

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Now in it’s fourth year, Clash of the Artists 2010 will once again raise the standard of artist competitions across the world! At Art For Progress, we inspire exceptional international talent to get involved and support art education while having the opportunity to win fantastic prizes geared for the career artist. Here’s your opportunity to show the art world, peers, and fans your best work. The world will decide who makes it to the finals for the BIG EVENT in New York City in March 2010.

The annual competition encompasses genres of visual art, film, fashion, live music, DJ’s, and the exciting open category, “creative”. The interactive judging process allows the on-line community to view short films, listen to music, and see the work of artists and designers from China to Brazil. Over a five-week voting period, three finalists will be chosen in each category.

Through Clash of the Artists we have awarded winning artists some very exciting prizes. 

Below are some examples of past prizes:

Dubspot Full Music Production Package, NY Fashion Week Shows, Meetings with Magnum P.R. and People's Revolution for Musicians and Fashion Designers, DJ performances at Miami's Winter Music Conference, Abel Cine Tech Full Film Production Packages, Sony Music + Film Production Software, Apple's Final Cut Pro Software, Music + DJ equipment from Audio Technica, AFP Memberships, Career Building Workshops from MShop NYC, Gift Certificates, and CASH!! Check back often as we develop the prize packages for 2010.

Get on board! Submit your work and get exposure for your talent while supporting art education. It’s your time to shine and we’re here to make it happen.

You can submit your work right here beginning November 30th or you can mail in your submissions to Art For Progress, 151 1st Avenue, Suite 26, New York, NY 10003. We’ll be accepting submissions through January 25th 2010.

Then it all goes live on February 1st when everyone gets to experience the best in art, music, fashion and film from across the globe. Votes will be tallied through March 10th.

Last year, over 200 artists were featured, over 20,000 people voted on-line, and over 300 people attended the finals event! 


All of the proceeds from Clash of the Artists 2010 will support AFP’s growing Art & Humanities Education Program. Art for Progress is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization.

Sponsors from past Clash of the Artists include:

Commerce Bank, Sony, Audio Technica, Blick Art Materials, Abel-Cine Tech, Magnum PR, People's Revolution, Tekserve, Dubspot, M-Shop NYC, The Art List,, The Rodriguez-amat Foundation Art Center, 320 Studios, AVEvents, Fashion Fabrics Club, M&J Trimming, Fabric Direct, B&J Fabrics, Brooklyn Brewery, Palm Beer, Alice White Wines, and Fusicology.

If you have any questions or you're interested in our sponsorship packages for this year, please contact Seiji Nakano at

Photos from Clash of the Artists 2009

Contact Information  

Your Name
City *
Zip/Postal Code *
Phone *
  How did you hear about the Contest?
  *If you are applying from outside the U.S.,
please enter your country after the city
name (ie, "London, England") and select
"Outside of United States" from the
"state" menu.
Then enter "000000" for your zip code,
and "000-000-0000" if you have a non-U.S. phone number.

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Contest Entries  
Please select the category that you wish to enter.

  Category File Types
Visual Artists gif, jpg
DJs * send 60 min mix on CD
Musicians mp3
Fashion Designers gif, jpg
Film Makers * send up to 20 minute film on DVD
Creative avi, mpeg/mpg, wmv, mov, flv, mp3, gif, jpg

* DJs and Film Makers should submit their work on a CD or DVD, print the downloadable form at the top of the page, and mail it to the address listed below.

You may submit up to 3 of your works. The total combined file sizes may not exceed 79MB.

* Please be patient, files can take a long time to upload*

Sample #1
Submission Details
Sample #2
Submission Details
Sample #3
Submission Details

* Please be patient, files can take a long time to upload*

NOTE: Alternatively, you may send a CD with your work to the address below. Be sure to check the box below and include all pertinent information to help identify the pieces (size, title, year of creation, medium, etc).

  Check this box if you plan to send your work via postal mail. Please direct all media (discs, or printed matter - returned only if self-addressed, stamped envelope provided) to:

Art For Progress
151 First Ave, #26
New York, NY 10003

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*when uploading is completed, you will see the link to the paypal page*

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