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  • Mixed Greens returns this month with a new date, but you can expect the same fresh, diverse music, brilliant performance art and thought-provoking video installations you’ve come to expect at AFP events.  Plus,  The Paper Box is in the coolest neighborhood in Brooklyn and the tacos can’t be beat!

    What more can you ask for on a Saturday night?

    Our original opening band for the evening, The Disappointment have another commitment, but El Pueblo has been added to the ticket.  They’re a fantastic reggae, dub band (latin and jazz influences) who are known for their powerful performances.  We are sure El Pueblo will get the night started properly.

    Not walking the line between na trapeze, epic-symphonica, and electropunk, the music duo Muj is a mish-mash of musical styles.  In their performances, they are known for playful improvisations and unexpected intense instrumentations. Muj segues seamlessly from ferocious, soaring guitar jams to moving melodic departures. They are now working on a feature-length documentary including an original soundtrack.

    When The Coffin Daggers take the stage, get ready for an all out assault on your senses. A staple on the New York live music scene,  The Coffin Daggers forge a new sound that will both overwhelm and delight the senses. The NY based surf-punk, instrumental rock band has released a full length album  and two singles to critical acclaim.

    The super-talented, creative, architect, performance artist Caridad Sola has rightfully become the resident performance artist for Mixed Greens, and with each stunning performance Caridad explores a broad range of social and cultural subject matter. During her last performance a young man (photo below) was so enthralled by her performance that he decided he wanted to be a part of it.  As he began to crawl toward the large tub of gold liquid, he slowly removed his clothing.

    Also performing at our August 25th event is the very talented, Sindy Butz. Sindy is a Berlin based visual and performance artist who is currently residing in New York City. Her work is influenced by social and cultural Anthropology studies, Moral- Philosophy and Spiritual Work.

    Our video installation for our August event will feature the work of filmmaker, photographer Scott Nyerges. His video work has been shown at the Tribeca Film Festival, the Rotterdam International Film Festival and the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. Scott’s work has been featured at several AFP events and we’re very happy to be featuring his work on August 25th.

    Flying in from L.A. to perform at Mixed Greens is DJ/Producer Elliot Dehoyos. Elliot is an excellent DJ who currently spins at his monthly Tribe party in L.A. and hosts his weekly internet radio show by the same name.  We’re sure he’ll bring his best when he gets on the decks at The Paper Box.

    AFP’s Founder & Director is also a DJ in the NYC underground dance music scene.     Gatto spins a regular monthly gig on Montreal’s and is currently honing his production skills. In the past, he’s shared the decks with such greats as Derrick Carter, Josh Wink, Charles Webster and many more. Frank is the resident DJ for the Mixed Greens events and promises to bring in top talent each month.


  • Saturdays late press and artist information..

    Morning Fuzz: In 2011, the Brooklyn based band released their second EP titled, “Shadows in the Rearview” to rave reviews.  They recently performed at Spike Hill and have some dates coming up next month in the midwest.

    Thunda Vida: With four original albums released since the band formed in 2006, Thunda Vida has been bringing roots reggae to the masses across NYC for over 5 years.

    Mariami: She’s been featured by Indie Music Universe and recognized by Skope Magazine as an “Artist to Watch.”  The Georgian born soul, R&B, jazz artist Mariami, immigrated to NYC with her family when she was 7 years old.

    Caridad Sola: The Cuban-American multi-media visual artist has performed at several AFP events over the past year including Fountain Art Fair, Miami and New York as well as the “Brooklyn Beat Festival” in June.  Although you never quite know what to expect, Caridad always leaves you wanting more.

    Sindy Butz:  Sindy is a Berlin based visual and performance artist currently residing in New York City. Sindy likes to create discourse between fashion, science and technology in her conceptual work.

    Cat Del Buono: The daughter of Italian immigrants, Cat is a video installation artist  whose work focuses on how society defines beauty. She incorporates performance, interactive video, and humor as a way to engage her viewers.

    Andy Slate: Andy is a highly praised DJ/Producer currently residing in Miami Beach, Florida. His recent production work on labels such as Soulmate, K:Lender ger and Roasted Records have been getting massive support from the likes of Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin and Laurent Garnier.

    Gatto: AFP’s Founder & Director is also a DJ in the NYC underground dance music scene. He spins a regular monthly gig on Montreal’s and is currently honing his production skills. Frank is the resident DJ for the “Mixed Greens” events and promises to bring in top talent each month.